Friday, September 30, 2011

Worry About Your Own Fortunes Gentlemen !

Remember the line from Pirates of the Caribbean - Part 1 - "worry about your own fortunes, gentlemen". Always reminded of the line when I hear people passionately lecturing Malaysians and other oil exporting countries about how they have to plan for a future with no oil. Well here is the point - as long as there is oil,  Malaysia and other oil exporting countries are going to be making a lot of money. When oil runs out it is not only the oil exporting countries that have to find answers. It is also oil consuming nations. The largest consumers of oil in the world today are the US, China and India. I do not see them having found a solution to a post-oil future. If they had, there would be no oil exporting countries. Just as oil exporting countries will face social and economic upheaval in a post-oil world, so will oil consuming nations. If we run out of oil we will all have to worry about our own fortunes. So please let the Malaysians party. 
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